If free 3d svg cutting files is what you want, then BrutalVisualStudio.com is for you!

Hi there! So i guess that as Traveling Neighbour, you are here for a great quest of free 3d svg cutting files information gathering... am i correct?
You probably got here, wondering by your computer but with no intention to get here!!This is probably one of your best mistakes then! What is important is that you ACTUALLY ARE here now.. and if you have a Designer Arts machine such as a cutting plotter, laser engraver, printer.. then this IS for you! We create the most epic cut files among other design ressources that you will ever get your hands on! Check out our products and give us a visit :) !!

Words of wisdom for today : "If one takes the time to do a good digital cut file then all of your issues will be ended. "

Here are some examples of the digital files we do :

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Yes.. the sample images you see above are just examples of the files we do here at Brutal Visual Studio...

All of our downloads have several formats to choose from, such as ...
-> .PDF (Vector format that most plotters and printers can read)
-> .SVG (Virtually all printers and plotters do understand this vector file format)
-> .EPS (Standard Encapsulated Post Script file.. this one should be compatible with almost 99.99% of the machines)
-> .DWG (Autocad format - Some users like this one best.. and here it is)
-> .DXF (Also Autocad R14 standard file format)
-> .PLT (We personally like this format for cutting.. make sure you import at 1016 standard plotter units)
-> .PNG (With transparency support)
-> .JPG (Standard raster file format)
-> .BMP (Standard raster file format)
-> .TIF (Standard raster file format)
-> .AFDesign (Vector based format)
-> .PSD (Mixed file format)

Our cut items are done in a generic dimension (all can be printed or engraved or even cut).. so you can resize it to what best meets your requirements. No specific size is embedded on the file.. just resize it as per your best need.

Please understand that these are digitally delivered items. You will instantly obtain these vector items after the payment clears, there is nothing more to be posted except this... :)



We don't do over complicated licenses or Terms of Use.. they are simple and easy to understand. There are three points :

1) You may use these items to create any personal or non-commercial projects including other digital products, physical/printed products, vinyl decals, paper cut items, stencils, laser engraved or cut products, machined items, handmade items, teaching materials... and more! Once purchased you do not need to credit us or require further permissions to use the digital items you have purchased.

2) You CAN NO share, distribute, or sell these digital items, in part or in whole, in any way. Downloaded items cannot be shared on public or private boards, blogs, websites, etc.. these items can only be used either by you or by someone on your behalf from which you have a direct personal or professional relation.

3) Be sure to keep your receipt, it acts as a license to allow you to use the items.. and therefore it is your proof of purchase.

... if you want to know more, please click on the above link as it will send you to our store where you can find all of our products and other client's review!


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ATENTION : All our digial files are in every case compatible with plotters/engravers/cutters such as : Cricut, Silhouette, Brother, Roland, Mimaki, Saga, Puma, RedSail, MH, etc..